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Dad Getting a Little Too Excited About a Ball Provides First Major Blooper of the Baseball Season




A spring training baseball game between the New York Mets and the Miami Marlins provided the first fan blooper video of the year.

Monday afternoon, in the bottom of the first inning, Mets outfielder Chris Young hit a ground-rule double that bounced over the center field fence. A couple of fans rushed to grab the souvenir -- one of the men was pulling a small wagon with a young boy aboard.

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The prospect of snatching the ball apparently caused the man forget about the toddler for a brief moment, but that was long enough for the unattended wagon to start rolling down the hill.

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A woman sporting a Marlins jersey and holding an infant (we presume she is the mother of the boy in the runaway wagon), noticed the child rolling down the hill, points out the problem and gives chase along with man.

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Dad eventually grabs the back of the wagon just as it was coming in contact with the fence.

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Apparently there were no injuries from the slight contact the wagon made with the wall. As you can see, the family enjoyed the rest of the day as the Marlins handily beat the New York Mets 11-1.

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Watch the clip from Major League Baseball:

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