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Woman Gets Seriously Savage Revenge on the Man She Says Raped Her and Hit Their Daughter



A Chinese woman cut of her former boyfriend’s penis with a pair of scissors and then beat him to death with a hammer after he allegedly raped her and slapped their daughter.

Yeung Ki, 41, admitted to killing piano teacher Zhou Hui, 32, back in 2012. However, she claimed she is not guilty of murder during her trial.

A court heard that Zhou allegedly “beat her, pushed her to the floor, and slapped their daughter” before he “forcibly had sex with her, the South China Morning Post reports. The killing occurred later that night.

The woman then reportedly fed Zhou soup laced with drugs before she cut off his penis and flushed it down the toilet. When he woke up due to the pain, she then reportedly beat him to death with “almost uncountable” blows from a hammer, the report adds.

“Yeung killed Zhou after a lengthy affair with the married man, during which he had deserted her while pregnant and borrowed money without paying it back on numerous occasions, the court heard,” according to the Huffington Post.

Zhou also allegedly told Yeung Ki that he had naked pictures of her that he would post on the Internet if she didn’t give him $200,000 to buy a car.

The woman reportedly admitted to the killing when she took her daughter to a social services center. She said cutting off the man’s genitals was “cruel.”

(H/T: Raw Story)

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