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Watch This Heart-Stopping Compilation of Almost 50 Near-Misses, Close Calls and Brushes With Death

Image: YouTube

TheBlaze has regularly featured viral videos and dash cam clips that captured near-tragic moments. However, those were typically one clip of just a single near-miss. Now you can watch a seven-minute compilation of these adrenaline inducing videos all in one place.

The video, assembled by Uniformedia, contains dozens of human encounters with planes, trains, and automobiles -- even mother nature. Some of the clips were also included in a similar compilation published by TheBlaze in February.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

So many of these could have ended tragically, but apparently did not.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

In most cases, the clips show the lucky people walking away from their "brush with death."

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

You can watch all of the encounters in this compilation -- just be prepared to hear some very strong language with each crash, skid or near miss:

(H/T: Uniformedia)

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