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Video: All Hell Breaks Loose After Police Are Called to Israeli High School to Remove a Teacher


"There was tear gas, girls were suffocating, it looked like it was taken from an action movie."

Screenshot: Channel 2

A massive brawl broke out at an Israeli high school outside Jerusalem on Sunday after cops were called in to remove a teacher. Video of the riot showed students hitting and throwing large objects at the cops, the female teacher being roughly dragged along the floor of a long hallway, and the teacher and police officers being knocked down a short flight of stairs.

Backpacks, chairs and garbage bins were reportedly among the items thrown at the police officers, just part of the pandemonium that was captured on video via several angles.

Israeli police told Israel’s Channel 2 News that at least one of the students shot tear gas at the cops.

Screenshot: Channel 2 Screenshot: Channel 2

While some Israeli media reported that the teacher, Rula Milchen, had been fired, she told Channel 2 that she had gone on Sunday morning to the school to deliver her resignation letter and say goodbye to her students at Abu Ghosh High School in the Arab town of Abu Ghosh. Sunday is a regular school day in most Israeli schools.

The Israeli news site Walla reported that the students were trying to protect the teacher after their principal called the police to remove her after she “started a provocation on school grounds.”

Walla reported that students locked the school’s security guard in a bathroom stall after he tried to break up the fight.

“They pulled her like a goat, sorry for the expression...she was crying, '[my] arms, arms' and she started to cry,” Yousef Abdel Rahman, the school security guard, told Channel 2.

The teacher Rula Milchen (Screenshot: Channel 2) The teacher Rula Milchen (Screenshot: Channel 2)

Milchen, the teacher, accused the principal of humiliating her and other teachers of socially and professionally pushing her aside.

She said that after she resigned, she simply wanted to say goodbye to her students.

“I wanted to say a nice word to my students. Three teachers...refused to let me in. She [another teacher] waited for me in the corner, refused to let me into the classroom,” Milchen said.

That’s when the principal called the police.

One of the students told Ynet that a dispute between the teacher and principal had been going on for two weeks.

"There was tear gas, girls were suffocating, it looked like it was taken from an action movie. Students were suffocating from the gas, everyone was coughing. Miraculously no one was hurt," the student who was not named added.

Issa Jaber, the mayor of Abu Ghosh, asked if it was really necessary to bring the police into the school and said he is now investigating the incident.

Here are two videos taken during the brawl. The first shows the large objects being thrown at the police, which appears to cause them to fall down the stairs, along with the teacher they were trying to remove.  The second video, which is not in focus, at the 2:00 mark shows the teacher being dragged along the floor.

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