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What an Alleged Arizona Police Officer Does to an 'Innocent Girl' In This Video Has Students Up In Arms


"What did you do that for?"

New video posted online late Sunday appears to show a police officer blindside a woman as students became unruly following the University of Arizona basketball team's overtime loss in the NCAA tournament.

In the video, an individual appearing to be a police officer dressed in riot gear slams a woman into a bench. The video was titled, "Innocent girl gets taken down by Tuscon police officer during Arizona riot" on YouTube.

The girl shouts in pain and a nearby individual shouts, "What did you do that for?"

"What the f***?" another person can be heard saying.

The details surrounding the moments leading up to the event were unknown.

However, the video, which appears to have initially been posted to Facebook, characterizes the event as "absolutely unbelievable."

"This innocent girl is just trying to cross the street and a Tucson Police officer decks her to the ground," the caption says. "This is an absolute disgrace and this is just one of the many uncalled for brutal acts against students and fans who are mere bystanders to the select few instigators of the crowd. There was no riot until the police turned it into one."

The Tuscon Police Department was not available for comment early Monday morning.

At the time of publication, the video posted to YouTube had achieved nearly 50,000 views.

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