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Prank It Forward': This Waitress Is About to Have Her 'Best Shift Ever


"Unexpected goodness through positive pranks."

Image source: YouTube

Not all April Fools' Day pranks end with an annoyed prankee and a laughing prankster.

The folks on the YouTube channel Break decided to "prank it forward" for a deserving waitress in Los Angeles.

"Let's face it, there are a lot of bad tippers out there. You know who you are," the show's host Kevin Brueck said, kicking off the week of "unexpected goodness through positive pranks."

Chelsea Roff was its first recipient. She's a woman who raised her sister from the time she was a little girl and who overcame a severe eating disorder and then turned around to create a nonprofit that helps others with eating disorders recover through yoga.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"If anybody could use a break, it's Chelsea. So today, we're going to prank it forward by sending in a few of the best tippers we've got to see if we can give Chelsea the best shift ever," Brueck said.

Upon getting her first tip -- $1,000 -- Chelsea told her coworkers she couldn't just keep it, wanting to split it with others.

"She didn't want to keep the money," the restaurant owner said.

Another tipster explained that while they only had cash for the actual bill, as a travel agency owner he offered her two tickets to Hawaii all expenses paid instead.

"The bill is like $30," Chelsea said, laughing off the offer of an extravagant vacation in lieu of a tip.

Her third tip was the kicker -- a dream job offer. A psychologist researched what Chelsea did with yoga and eating disorders and offered her a job in the program.

And it didn't even stop there.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Watch the the waitress' reaction to this positive prank:

If you liked this "prank it forward," here's another version by MediocreFilms, which teamed up with Break to create a fine dining experience for homeless individuals needing a meal:

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