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Rock Band's Theme Song for Sarah Palin's New Show Is All About Freedom and American Pride


"We believe in the American way. We built this country called the U.S.A."

When former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's new TV show premieres Thursday, it will be with an original rock ballad theme song that's all about taking pride in the American experience.

"Amazing America with Sarah Palin," will show viewers a country "where the American spirit and the great outdoors are celebrated in equal measure.” According to the show's creators, Palin will talk to inspiring people, visit beautiful places and showcase adventurous outdoor living.

Those are the themes captured in the song "Amazing America" by Madison Rising, a band known for its patriotic tunes, offered up in the group's typical rough and energetic rock style.

“We are all about promoting American culture and showing gratitude for all we have as Americans, and we hope the viewers and listeners will feel that sense of pride come across in our music,” lead singer Dave Bray, a Navy veteran and former 8404 FMF Corpsman, told TheBlaze.

The song covers how freedom makes America great, focusing on the nation's roots and its laurels.

"We believe in the American way. We built this country called the USA," the lyrics read. "We fly our flags ‘cause we’re proud and free. We’re Americans."

Freedom is also expressed in the song through the right to bear arms, to be adventurous and the freedom to better one's life.

"We fish the waters and we hunt the land. We forge the steel with our own two hands," the tune continues. "With what we got we do the best we can. We’re Americans."

Bray told TheBlaze that it's essential Americans don't squander or take their freedom for granted.

"There would be no greater failure to the future generations of this great nation if we, as today's citizen caretakers, should fail by squandering our freedoms and peacefully surrendering our God given rights," he said. "They are to be known and protected, and they have been fought and died for."

Watch the music video below:

Madison Rising became recognized nationally when they released their recording of the national anthem in 2012.

Since, they have had a strong following largely made up of people in the military, veterans, bikers and second amendment rights groups because they support the values of “liberty, independence, smaller government and personal responsibility.”

The Sportsman Channel, which is airing Palin's show, is hoping people will be inspired by both the show and Madison Rising’s song.

"I want people to remember just how blessed they are to be a part of the greatest nation on earth, to be thankful for what they have, may it be a little or a lot," Bray said.

"Amazing America with Sarah Palin" premieres Thursday at 8 p.m. on the Sportsman Channel.


Featured image via Madison Rising/YouTube

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