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Why New Yorkers on One Subway Train Were Screaming in Terror During Their Morning Commute


Some just couldn't contain themselves.


Monday morning was just the start of another work week for millions who ride the New York City subway system. However, riders in one car on NYC's "A" train in Brooklyn ended up standing on the seats -- many screaming in terror.  And it was all thanks to a tiny, four-footed creature that jumped on the train at the Fulton Street station.

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Rats are not a new addition to the NYC subway system, but riders are used to seeing the rodents on the tracks below the platforms -- not inside the cars.

The 2:38 second video posted on YouTube shows the tiny terror running back and forth inside the car as riders react by standing on the seats or just lifting their legs off the floor.

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While some straphangers can be heard screaming in fear, the majority of riders just avoided the creature and/or pulled out cell phones to grab a photo or video.


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