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Teen Straps a GoPro to His Head to Capture One of His Most Life-Changing Moments


"When you go under the water, it symbolizes that your old life died and that your new life has been resurrected."

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Pastor Pete Green came up with a unique idea after two high school students approached him earlier this year and asked to be baptized. Looking to show the religious process in an entirely new light, he asked Zach, one of the teens, if he'd be willing to wear a GoPro on his head during the ceremony.

What resulted was a truly uncommon look at baptism. Taken from two separate angles -- one from Zach's perspective as he was submerged in the water and another from a camera situated outside the pool -- the video captures the entire process.

"I said, 'Zach, would you be willing to wear a GoPro camera so we could give people an experience they've never had?,'" Green, an associate pastor at Uniontown Bible Church in Union Bridge, Md., told TheBlaze. "One of our other students edited the video and put it together. It just went crazy, people were so moved."

Image source: YouTube Zach, a high school junior, was baptized while wearing a GoPro (Image source: YouTube/Kimberly Brooke Green)

Green explained that Zach and Sarah, two local high school juniors, became Christians after visiting the church's student ministry meetings last fall. They later asked to be baptized in an effort to affirm their faith.

And now Green says that experience -- and the resulting video -- are inspiring Christians who watch it.

See the baptism video below:

The pastor said he believes that people were so touched by the video and the baptismal experience, because it captured two young people who were truly "experiencing life change."

"It was just such a beautiful picture. It really symbolizes what happens in our life," he said of baptism. "When you go under the water, it symbolizes that your old life died and that your new life has been resurrected."

He added, "One of the ways to celebrate life change after someone has trusted in Jesus Christ is to have a baptism."

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube/Kimberly Brooke Green

As far as Zach and Sarah go, Green said that they are "doing fantastic" and that they're now telling all of their friends about how becoming Christians positively impacted their lives.

"They're all in and now what's really cool is that this kid Zach, who was just anti-organized religion...the gospel rescued him, he now feels like he's got a call to go into youth ministry," Green said. "He's gone from one end to the other."


Featured image via YouTube/Kimberly Brooke Green

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