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Video of the Chaotic Aftermath When Two Firetrucks Collide and One Goes Right Through a Crowded Restaurant


"I was very scared..."

Image source: KTLA-TV

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. (TheBlaze/AP) — Two firetrucks answering a call collided in a Los Angeles suburb, sending one careening into a restaurant and leaving 14 people, including several firefighters, injured, one critically.

Monterey Park Fire Chief Jim Birrell said trucks from his city and neighboring Alhambra were responding to a house fire shortly after 3 p.m. Wednesday when they slammed into each other at an intersection.

One truck then plowed deep into a restaurant.

Image source: KTLA-TV Image source: KTLA-TV

Watch this cellphone video showing the firetruck and chaos in the restaurant:

Birrell said at least 14 people were injured, one critically. Most of the rest had minor injuries.

Authorities said several were firefighters.

"I was very scared, I thought somebody might have passed away because it's such a small restaurant," Gemma Barraza, who lives nearby, told KTLA-TV.

This report shows victims being rescued by emergency crews:

As for how the accident might have occurred, Alhambra Fire Chief Bill Walker told KTLA that with buildings around the intersection, road noise, their own sirens and protective gear, the firefighters very well might not have heard each other coming.

He noted that both fire departments involved have procedures for how to provide such a unified response, but something clearly went wrong Wednesday. An investigation into the accident is being conducted.

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