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An ordinary dance contest with an extraordinary contestant: 'She continues to amaze me


"Brought the crowd to its feet."

Recently, we put out the request for our audience to send us amazing photos and the stories behind them. What you've sent so far has blown us away. In fact, we've started a Facebook page to share these amazing stories and photos with as many people as we can. (To view them, visit The Blaze Best Moments Facebook page.) We've already shared a few, and today we bring you our latest installment.

Today's photo and story comes from Sarah Galbraith:

Yesterday it was my privilege to watch my five-year-old daughter, Ruby, who has cerebral palsy, dance in a national talent contest.  Her performance, with her enthusiasm and smile, brought the crowd to its feet.  I share this because she has been an inspiration to me and others with her sweet face and personality.  Ruby has encouraged many dancers, as well as physical therapists to raise the bar on what can be expected from young people like Ruby.  She continues to amaze me and propels me through each and every day.

Dancing Ruby (Source: Sarah Galbraith)

If you have a photo you’d like to share with us, send it to BestMoments@theblaze.com. We may share your photos with TheBlaze and Glenn Beck audiences and across all of our platforms including TheBlaze.com, GlennBeck.com, Facebook and Twitter.

Throughout our Facebook page, you will find our mission statement embodied in miraculous stories of love, hope, sacrifice and honor. That statement is, “We tell stories of love and courage where the good guys win.”

We’re so grateful to be able to share these sacred moments to help uplift, inspire or empower others. Thank you for being so generous with your precious memories.

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