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Kid Pretends to Order From Wendy's Employee, Then Slaps Her as Part of Violent 'Smack Cam' Game


"It's all about the way you raise your children."

Perhaps a spinoff of the disturbing "knockout game," a Texas teen working in a fast food restaurant was the recent victim of a violent fad dubbed "smack cam."

"Two young kids came in. They pretended like they were going to order. The first kid, he went out and came back. And I couldn't hear what he was saying so I leaned in and the next thing I know, I got hit," Calaybra Jones told KTBC-TV of the incident, which occurred Tuesday while she was working at a Wendy's in Austin, Texas.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Video of the attack was posted online and Calaybra Jones found it, titled "OMG!! SMACK CAM A WENDY'S EMPLOYEE!" Here's a repost of the video, which was originally removed (Content warning: strong language):

Jones told the news station that she had heard of the game, which some oddly find funny, before. But Jones wasn't laughing.

"I was embarrassed. I was sad. I was angry -- just all types of emotions overcame me," she said.

"There's nothing funny about it at all," Jones' mother, Carlisha Jones, told KTBC. "Nothing funny about it and unfortunately, it's all about the way you raise your children, unfortunately. And you just have to be more hands on with your children so that they know that this is just not right."

After the attack, Calaybra Jones' manager called the police and the 16-year-old called her mother.

"She goes 'Mom, I've just been assaulted.' Kind of panicked a little bit, 'What do you mean?' and then she explained to me and she kind of broke down. 'We're on our way hon, we're on our way,'" Carlisha Jones recalled, according to KTBC.

Watch KTBC's report about the incident:

The perpetrators that participated in the attack have not yet been identified but police are investigating. If caught, they could face misdemeanor charges that come with a $500 fine.

The family and local police only have the YouTube video to go off of, but they hope someone will recognize the people involved and come forward with their identities.

"You don't want this to happen to anyone else, and I want them to be held accountable for what has happened, especially the driver. The driver looks as though they are of legal age and should know better,” Carlisha Jones told KTVU-TV.

Austin Police officer Veneza Bremner warned that attackers should consider not only the legal consequences but also the possibility that the victim could fight back.

"You know if they do it again, who's to say the other person isn't going to fight back and cause injury or death to them? And it can escalate," Bremner told KTBC.


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