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Watch What Happens When Dana Loesch Confronts One of Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Partners
(Source: YouTube screen shot)

Watch What Happens When Dana Loesch Confronts One of Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Partners

"Shannon, would you like to clarify or retract when you said I was a paid employee of Magpul?"

INDIANAPOLIS -- Blaze TV host Dana Loesch has made no secret about her ongoing disagreement with Shannon Watts, the outspoken gun control advocate who heads Moms Demand Action and has partnered with former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to create Everytown for Gun Safety. And on Saturday, she was finally able to confront Watts about it in person.

Loesch was in Indianapolis to attend the 2014 NRA convention but decided to stop by an area where Watts and other anti-gun activists were staging a get-together. When confronted by Loesch, Watts refused to answer any questions and eventually was whisked away in an SUV by what Loesch told TheBlaze appeared to be armed security.

The full video will air on TheBlaze TV next week, but TheBlaze.com was given exclusive access to a snippet:

In the full video, which this author viewed, Loesch can be seen approaching the rally and Watts and introducing herself. After exchanging pleasant hellos, Watts told Loesch she wouldn't be engaging in any conversation.

"I’m not interested in having a conversation with you, because you’ve been so insulting online," Watts said.

That didn't stop Loesch from trying to get answers to why Watts has accused Loesch of being paid by the "gun lobby" and Magpul, a company that manufactures gun accessories.

"Shannon, would you like to clarify or retract when you said I was a paid employee of Magpul?" Loesch can be heard asking numerous times in the video. Loesch also asked about the accusations that she is being paid by the gun lobby and if Watts speaks for all moms or just those that support gun control.

In the background, Loesch's producer can be heard accusing Watts' security of being "physical" and Loesch told TheBlaze they were bumping her out of the way. The full video includes Loesch saying her attempted interview was in response to a media request by Watts' PR firm.

The bad blood between the two personalities took center stage earlier this year when Watts sent numerous Tweets trying to get ABC to pull the plug on Loesch guest hosting  "The View." She also retweeted messages calling Loesch a “pro-gun extremist,” “hate monger,” and “gun bully.”

Loesch said she visited a pro-gun, Magpul rally in Colorado last July with Compass Colorado* and made an entrance in a helicopter with a Magpul logo on it, but she was never paid by the group and didn't charge a speaking fee. The point of the event was to draw attention to new capacity limits for gun magazines (Magpul produces such magazines).

Watts' group now will fall under the umbrella of Michael Bloomberg's new $50 million effort to organize smaller anti-gun groups into a larger, unified organization (Everytown).

Loesch told TheBlaze she's tried to get Watts to come on her program numerous times to correct the record but that Watts has repeatedly declined.

“They don’t exist to have intellectual discourse, they exist to shout people down," Loesch told TheBlaze regarding Watts and her gun control group.


Loesch noted to TheBlaze that the car that whisked Watts away had New York license plates. Consider that Charles Cooke over at National Review pointed out that Bloomberg's group had paid the tab for the activists to be in Indiana during the NRA convention. Radio host Tony Katz apparently snapped a picture of the plates.


Erika Soto Lamb, whose Twitter profile identifies her as "Comms director for Everytown for Gun Safety (includes Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action)," confirmed on Twitter the presence of armed security:

She also used the opportunity to say armed security is necessary because of people on "your" side of the debate and said the group is not against guns for "self defense":

This post has been updated with additional information.

* We've updated the name of the organization that Loesch was in Colorado with.

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