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The Reason She Almost Had an Abortion Will Disgust You — But You Might Want to Hear Why She Couldn’t Go Through With It


"I’d forgotten what the feeling was like. It was magical."

Video screengrab via the Mirror

Josie Cunningham wanted to be a celebrity so bad that she almost had an abortion just to increase her chances of getting on the reality show “Big Brother.” On Saturday, she revealed to the Mirror that feeling her baby kicking changed everything.

As TheBlaze previously reported, the 23-year-old "wannabe" model is reportedly 18 weeks pregnant and decided an abortion might further her career after she noticed producers turning “cold” after she told them she was with child.

“This time next year I won’t have a baby. I’ll be famous instead,” she bragged to the Mirror last week.

Video screengrab via the Mirror Video screengrab via the Mirror

Cunningham claims she was in a cab on the way to a private abortion clinic when she started sobbing and having doubts. The baby had kicked just 24 hours earlier and she “couldn’t get that feeling out of” her head.

“I’d forgotten what the feeling was like. It was magical. It was like the baby was telling me not to go through with it,” she said.


Cunningham is now expected to give birth to her child in October.

There will certainly be people who speculate she may have made the whole abortion threat up for publicity, given her intense desire to be famous. But Cunningham says “anyone who thinks I would do this as a publicity stunt doesn’t know the real me.”

Further, she announced she will not be a contestant on “Big Brother.” She also told the Mirror that her new child will not stop her from achieving her goal of becoming a celebrity.

Cunningham, who already has two children, has been pelted with harsh criticism — and a little bit of support from pro-abortion advocates. TheBlaze’s Billy Hallowell outlines some of both here.

(H/T: Breitbart)

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