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The Horrific Thing a Dog Owner Did Just So He Didn’t Have to Pay a Vet $50


His new name? Lucky.

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An irresponsible dog owner didn’t want to pay the vet about $50 (£30) to put his pet down. Instead, he paid a "hit man" $7 (£4) to shoot his dog with a shotgun and throw it in an icy river to die.

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What the cruel man didn’t realize is that his dog, Olly, is a fighter. The animal somehow survived being blasted with a shotgun and the unwanted dip in the river.

Near the village of Orehovec in northern Croatia, a fisherman out with his son saw the seemingly dead dog floating “like a log” in the Drava river. Suddenly, the fisherman, identified as Pawel Brodzky, saw the dog’s front paw moving like he was “waiving” at them.

“We pulled the poor creature from the water and took him to an animal shelter, where he was said to be in poor shape but strong enough to survive,” Brodzky told the Mirror.

He also found the hunter who allegedly shot the dog and took down his car registration to report it to the police. Investigators later discovered the hunter may have also shot several other dogs. He could face a year in jail on animal cruelty charges.

Olly required surgery, but is expected to make a full recovery in about two months. He is now in need of a loving family to adopt him.

His new name? Lucky.

Be advised that the photo is graphic, but you can see a photo of him after his rescue here.

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