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Watch a Student Go Absolutely Berserk on a Man Displaying an Anti-Gay Sign on an Arizona Campus


"What the hell are you doing?! F*** you! F*** you!"

A video posted online Monday shows a student at Arizona State University engage in a physical and verbal altercation with a man displaying an anti-gay sign on campus late last month.

"It's filthy!" the student is heard shouting toward the man at the outset of the April 23 incident.

The sign appeared to issue a "warning" to "masturbators" and "homosexuals," among others, that "judgement day" is coming.

"Just stay away, if you don't like it," the man displaying the sign replies.

Watch video of the incident (Content warning: rampant use of vulgar language):

Moments later, the student starts pushing the man. He is then thrown to the ground by another individual, who appears to be with the demonstrator.

"You bitch!" the student screams. "F*** you!"

The man displaying the sign calls repeatedly for peace, telling the other individual with him to stand down.

That, however, did not quell the student.

Moments later, he charges at the demonstrator, before he is pushed away.

"What the hell are you doing?" the student then shouts. "F*** you! F*** you! You call yourself Christian?"

Eventually, a man appearing to be with campus safety walks on the scene and appears to end the conflict.

A spokesperson for the ASU police department did not immediately return a request for comment from TheBlaze, but an ASU spokeswoman confirmed the incident took place on campus.

"The video posted on the internet shows a person becoming upset with an individual on campus who is expressing his personal religious views," Sharon Keeler said in a Wednesday statement to TheBlaze.

"ASU is strongly committed to freedom of speech and a college campus represents a marketplace of ideas. Respect for that right sometimes results in speech that others find offensive," she continued. "The university also stands against any assault upon the dignity and value of any individual through harassment that substantially interferes with his or her educational opportunities, peaceful enjoyment of residence, physical security, or terms or conditions of employment."

"The Office of Equity and Inclusion is the office charged with evaluating claims of discrimination on campus. For matters that may violate criminal law, ASU Police provides information and assistance. Students and employees are encouraged to contact these offices as appropriate," Keeler added.

This story had been updated with new information.

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