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Here Are Five Really Cool Reasons To Become President

President Barack Obama poses for a group photo in front of Air Force One on the tarmac upon his arrival at Toledo Express Airport, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012, in Swanton, Ohio.Credit: AP

Would you like to be the president of the United States?

The responsibilities and pressures that come with being the most powerful person on the planet are considerable. However, so are the perks.

Aside from living rent-free in an amazing home for at least four years and being protected by an army of Secret Service agents, you also get access to some of the coolest modes of transportation that the world has ever seen.

Image: Bloomberg.com Image: Bloomberg.com 

With good reason, Air Force One has been referred to as the "ultimate presidential perk." The 747 is probably the most tricked-out luxury airliner on the face of the planet.

Thanks to its ability to be refueled in mid-air, the plane can stay flying as long as fuel can be delivered. Additionally, the radar jamming system on both of the president's planes can send heat-seeking missiles off course.

And then there is the comfort factor. Air Force One has 4,000 square feet of luxuriously appointed living space with bedrooms and showers. It also is also rumored to have 19 televisions and an astounding 85 telephones.

Image: Bloomberg.com Image: Bloomberg.com

For shorter flights, the president travels on Marine One, a helicopter that frequently lands at the White House. A new, $1.24 billion fleet of six of these have just been ordered from Sikorsky, but will not be operational until 2020.

Image: Bloomberg.com Image: Bloomberg.com

On the ground, the president travels in what appears to be a Cadillac Escalade that is affectionately known as "The Beast."

Underneath the Escalade skin is a vehicle unlike any SUV you will find. The heavily armored 20,000 pound car can seat seven — and despite running on diesel, it reportedly gets a meager 3.7-mpg.

Watch the Bloomberg video counting down "Obama's Five Most Extreme Rides."

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