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Survey: Video Gamers Libertarian on Issues, Democrats in Party Affiliation

This photo provided by Ubisoft shows a scene from the video game, "Child of Light." (AP Photo/Ubisoft) AP Photo/Ubisoft

Serious video gamers frequently label themselves as “liberal,” but are generally more libertarian in outlook of various issues, according to survey results set to be published by Reason, a leading libertarian magazine.


Gamers do not like to be told what to do; are suspect of police power; think individuals are more likely to solve problems than government; and oppose President Barack Obama's view on the role of government, according to the results.

The survey data was compiled from two separate polls — one in December and another in April — on broader issues. Reason in its June issue focused on the subset of people who told pollsters they frequently play video games.

“When independent gamers are pushed to identify leanings, they are more likely to lean leftward to the Democrats,” the survey summary said.

However, when asked about issues, it's less straightforward.

“Gamers agree with non-gamers in supporting free market solutions over government intervention when possible, 52 to 43 percent,” Reason reported. “Gamers also believe (57 percent) that government is often an impediment in people's ability to succeed. And 54 percent disagree with President Barack Obama's views on the role of government.”

Another area in which gamers lean libertarian is on the products they consume and their opposition to the "nanny state."

“For every single poll question where we asked whether the government should allow people to own, consume, or use certain products or services that are currently a focus of debate, gamers are more likely to say yes than non-gamers,” the magazine reported. “Probably the biggest gap was the gamer support for allowing use of bitcoin as a currency—55 percent for gamers; 30 percent for non-gamers.”

One big government gamers back is green energy subsidies, with 69 percent saying they support tax dollars going to solar, wind and hydrocarbon companies, while barely half of non-gamers said they support the subsidies.

On police power, 77 percent said they think drones and military tools in the hands of police goes too far. Just 57 percent non-gamers felt the same. Just 33 percent of gamers said they think police are punished for misconduct, while 51 percent of non-gamers thought so.

(H/T: Politix)

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