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The Date He Took to Prom Likely Made All His Friends Jealous — and You Might Recognize Her


Tweet at the stars and they just might tweet back — or even go to prom with you.

Rockland High School student Cam Stuart was dreaming big when he made it his mission to take New England Sports Network reporter Jenny Dell to prom.

In pursuit of Dell, the high school junior created the hashtag #HelpCamStuartBringJennyDellToProm, but he didn't stop there.

He also "went to a Red Sox playoff game, leaving sticky notes at Fenway Park, and at the T station at Kenmore Square," noted his high school newspaper.

He then went to a parade celebrating the Red Sox World Series title in November, where he caught Dell's eye with a handmade sign. After a four-hour wait, Dell finally found Stuart and accepted his invitation.

Six months later, Dell showed up as promised, and the pair seemed to have a good time at the prom Thursday.

Dell is Stuart's "dream girl," he told his school newspaper. "She really knows sports, which sets her apart."

To make things better, Stuart took home the Prom King crown.

Sadly for Stuart, Dell is a taken woman — she's dating Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

According to local media, Middlebrooks apparently gave Stuart permission to take his girlfriend to prom.

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