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Camera Captures Wild Bike-on-Truck Collision. Guess Who Allegedly Got Ticketed.


'There’s laws that govern bikes, they just don’t enforce them.'


We've seen instances of road rage recently, but none may be as comprehensive as what you're about to see. But instead of involving two vehicles, this incident is car vs. bike.

And Evan Wilder caught it all on camera.

—Scroll down for video—

WHAT Image source: screengrab via Vimeo

The driver, who Wilder identified as Rashad Watt, came up quickly from behind as Wilder was biking home through Washington, D.C. on May 9.

According to Wilder, he saw the truck approaching and attempted to adjust his bike lane usage accordingly, but Watt allegedly sped up and cut him off.

Wilder can be seen and heard waving the truck away in the video, but the truck maintains proximity until the pair of vehicles reach a stop sign; the ensuing braking causes Wilder to hit the back of the truck and be thrown from his bike.

Instead of showing concern, Watt starts screaming as he exits his truck.

"What the f*** are you doing touching my car?" Watt can be heard yelling. "The bike lane’s over there."

The two start arguing about bike lane rules — rules about which Watt admits, "I don’t even know about all of that s***" — and Watt goes so far as to pick up and throw Wilder's bike across the bed of his truck.

WHAT Image source: screengrab via Vimeo

Wilder claimed to have been using the bike lanes properly, and said Watt violated the law by coming so close to his bike.

Despite the video footage, D.C. police don't seem to agree.

"MPD did not cite Mr. Watt for reckless driving, passing with less than 3 feet, for damaging my person or my property," Wilder wrote online. "Today (May 20) they say they are still investigating."

Wilder added, "Mr. Watt may be right about one thing when he said 'There’s laws that govern bikes, they just don’t enforce them.'"

Watch the footage (Content warning: strong language):

Judging from Wilder's Vimeo page, these sorts of encounters between bikes and cars are not uncommon.

The Metropolitan Police Department did not immediately respond to TheBlaze's request for comment Thursday.

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