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Man Dresses As Pig To Protest Police. He's Arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer.

Image source: screengrab via YouTube

"Pig" has long been an insult to law enforcement, but it seems that police in the U.K. are officially recognizing the label.

Sort of.

Steven Peers, a 46-year-old Manchester man, was arrested on May 22 on suspicion of impersonating a police officer, the Manchester Evening News reported.

He was wearing what appeared to be a Halloween costume-style police uniform and a pig mask at the time.

Image source: screengrab via YouTube Image source: screengrab via YouTube

Multiple videos of the arrest were uploaded to YouTube, which took place in the Manchester city center.

"It seems to me you're trying to impersonate yourself as a police officer," an officer tells Peers in one video.

Peers denies that claim, saying he's participating in a protest and asking that the officer, who is pointing at the various emblems on Peers' person that indicate police affiliation, stop "assaulting" him.

"Okay I'm assaulting you, I'm arresting you on suspicion of impersonating a police officer," the officer eventually tells Peers.

Other officers join the scene, and the officer who loads Peers into a police van expresses his opinion that the arrest is justified, telling onlookers, "We don't mind being filmed. You want to follow us to the station?"

The man filming asks what station Peers will be taken to, at which point the officer admits he doesn't know.

Peers has reportedly been released on bail until July.

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