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Radio Host's 'Commencement' Speech Tackles Common Sense, Race and the Power of Judeo-Christian Values


"When you know to whom you are accountable ... you will lead a more peaceful, happy and good life."

Image via Dennis Prager/@DennisPrager)

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager has unveiled a video message for this year's college graduates  -- a commencement address of sorts that focuses on the power of wisdom, common sense and Judeo-Christian values.

Image via Dennis Prager/@DennisPrager) Image via Dennis Prager/@DennisPrager)

In the clip, Prager outlines five key ideas that he wants college graduates to consider, proclaiming that "knowledge is considerably less important than wisdom."

The commentator's first point of advice is for graduates to realize that their greatest struggle in life isn't with society; it is with themselves.

Flawed human nature is the real culprit, Prager said, though he charged that students are often told to focus on racism, sexism and other structural issues.

"Instead we're taught that we need to battle society," he said, claiming that this is an incorrect way to approach the world.

Next, he told graduates to consider the importance of using their common sense, explaining that they should never take a study or a contention as truth if they find that it violates common logic.

Prager's third piece of advice was for young adults to remember that "race is unimportant."

"The color of peoples' skin is as trivial as the color of their hair," he added.

He also encouraged graduates to be cautious of good intentions, citing the 20th century as the "bloodiest and cruelest century on record" due to the fact that many people touted bad ideas.

These individuals might have had good intentions, but their ideals in practice ended up being damaging, he argued.

"Do not, I repeat, do not ask if it feels good or if it has good intentions," Prager said, addressing how one should assess an idea. "Ask, will it do good? Will it make people kinder and more ethical? … Has it been tried before and if so, what were the results?"

And finally, the radio host said that Judeo-Christian values are the real counterculture in contemporary society, arguing that graduates could benefit from abiding by biblical values.

"If you want to be an individual and to be strong, affirm a higher value system that enables you to say no to the prevailing culture," Prager added. "When you know to whom you are accountable and when you march to the beat of that higher drummer, you will lead a more peaceful, happy and good life."

Watch his message to graduates below:

Prager is the founder of Prager University, an online platform that offers conservative video lessons from experts and well-known personalities.

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