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Former top fed prosecutor's chilling assertion: 'I would never put it past this administration


Andrew McCarthy skewers the Obama administration.

In an explosive interview with former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, author of the new book, "Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama'�s Impeachment," we discussed a number of controversial issues, from McCarthy's case for impeaching President Obama, to whether or not the Bowe Bergdahl terrorist exchange constitutes a "high crime and misdemeanor," to Benghazi, to the government's chilling of free speech.

But it was a question about the so-called "blind sheikh," Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, that elicited perhaps the most chilling response from McCarthy, the prosecutor who was responsible for the terrorist's conviction.

The Blind Sheikh (File) The Blind Sheikh (File)

We asked McCarthy whether the Bergdahl prisoner exchange might serve as a template for the release of the blind sheikh from U.S. custody, a topic on which McCarthy has written in the past. Here's what McCarthy said [emphasis ours]:

"I think what happened with these Taliban operatives who have been released shows that national security concerns are not going to be a showstopper with this administration in terms of the kinds of terrorists you would release. I would bear in mind that we’re dealing with an administration that, if you even look at the Justice Department, Eric Holder was right smack in the middle during the Clinton days of the release of the FALN terrorists, even though they didn’t even ask for clemency. And in Clinton’s last day in office, the Marc Rich pardon is the one everyone remembers, but he also pardoned a couple of members, or commuted the sentences of a couple of members of the Weather Underground. So I would never put it past this administration that it wouldn’t release any terrorist if it thought the price was right. For them, the price is not about American interests or American national security; it’s often what their base is demanding at any point in time."

During the interview, McCarthy also echoed comments he had made elsewhere about the Bowe Bergdahl terrorist exchange being an impeachable offense, in violation of the material support to terrorism statute, stating:

"I think it's an astounding dereliction of duty on the part of the president in wartime, while we still have soldiers in harm's way and we still have the Taliban conducting terrorist operations against American forces, to under those circumstances, basically replenish the Taliban...[it's] just astonishing. I think that in terms of, "Is it a high crime and misdemeanor?" You bet it is.

McCarthy also slammed Hillary Clinton on the recently leaked section of her soon-to-be-released book, on Benghazi, in which Clinton chastised opponents for seeking to politicize the event, asserting:

"I think it’s remarkably telling that the government official who most politicized this event, and who had the audacity at the solemn ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base, when the bodies of our dead were returned…who had the audacity on that occasion to politicize it, and make it about the video, rather than a broad failure of Obama’s policy, which is what everybody at that time knew that it was…For her of all people to come out at this point and say that this is something that shouldn’t be politicized when she politicized it in the most shameful way I can imagine is very difficult to swallow."

Be sure to read the full interview here, and for more on McCarthy's new book, check out our review at Blaze Books [Facebook, Twitter].

Lastly, for even more with McCarthy on the Bergdahl swap, below is a clip in which he discussed that very topic on last night's episode of Wilkow!

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