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Ridiculous': Blaze Readers React to Surprising Impact on Christian Baker's Business Since Judge Ruled He Had to Make Cakes for Gay Weddings


"I’ll never understand the logic of people who go to court to force someone they don’t like to take their money."

In this March 10, 2014 photo, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips decorates a cake inside his store, in Lakewood, Colo. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about the Christian baker in Colorado who was told that he must make a wedding cake for gay couples, even though it goes against his religious beliefs. This ruling came after Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig filed a complaint against baker Jack Phillips for not serving them.

As a way to fight back, Phillips stopped making wedding cakes altogether — and his bakery has seen more business after the ruling.

In this March 10, 2014 photo, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips decorates a cake inside his store, in Lakewood, Colo. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley) In this March 10, 2014 photo, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips decorates a cake inside his store, in Lakewood, Colo. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley) 

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about the issue:

love the kids

And banks must give accounts to porn actors, and M&Ms must print whatever a customer wants on a candy, and all OBGYNs must perform abortions and anyone without a shirt must get service and so on and so on!!!


This is silly – the guy should not be forced to bake a cake for someone if he doesn’t want to. I don’t care if two gay people get married, that’s their choice, but this guy should also have a choice, too.


I don’t understand why a gay couple would even want a cake from a baker who doesn’t want to make it for them. Go elsewhere. I applaud this person for holding on to his convictions and not caving in to the racists.


The best part about this is that gay marriage is not legal in Colorado. Only civil unions are legal so if this was for a marriage in that state the 2 guys were on the wrong side of the law.


This sort of thing should tell us that the Constitution hangs by a very thin thread. If a Christian can be forced to do something which is repugnant to his religious beliefs, are there any meaningful civil rights left in existence?

God bless this principled man, and give him strength, Lord!


With all the cake makers out there willing to make a cake for anyone who wants a cake, this case reeks of “HATE CRIME,” “BULLYING,” “RACISM,” “DISCRIMINATION”… When a “SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP” has the power to swing the court and the public into attacking an individual private citizen who happens to own a business, this falls into the category of all the above. The “Special Interest” claims to be the victim, but in actuality they are the “Victimizers.”

I stand with Jack Phillips, his beliefs, his moral convictions, and his right to refuse service for whatever reason. Special interest groups have no more special rights in my book than the average citizen — and just because they band together to bully judges and communities into attacking the single citizen does not make it right. Americans need to stand up for this baker, not the gay couple hating on the baker and using their deviancy as a weapon to attack him. There are plenty of other bakers who will make their cake.

As far as the Judge who made the ruling in this case: Way to go, protect the “special interest group” over the citizen. Remember, judges, teachers, and everyone else in positions of authority are always the first ones eliminated in anarchy. (Polpot ring any bells?)


It is a good sign that his business has increased even after the ruling, proving sensible people agree with his stance and not that of the gay lobby.


These same left wingers have no problem refusing to serve gun owners. Do they believe we should be forced to serve homosexuals or any other group that left wingers support?


I guess this baker missed the part where Jesus says to love your neighbor. Jesus did not say to condemn people because of their sins. Love them. Care for them. Help them. You don’t condone the sin, but you don’t condemn them, either. Turn the other cheek to those who would smite you and spitefully use, abuse and persecute you. What did Jesus say to the woman caught in sin, “…neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” The question I would pose is, would Jesus refuse to bake a cake for a gay person? No. Probably not. He also would not condemn and persecute those who would not bake a cake for him. He would just go to the next baker and not condemn and persecute anyone who would not bake a cake for him. Love one another. “By this shall men know that ye are my disciples, if he show love one to another.”


If this was about a cake, the couple would go to someone who wants to bake them a cake. This isn’t about a cake. It’s not about rights either, or they would agree that while they have a right to choose their baker, they don’t have a right to control the baker. Bullies.


In Colorado, same-sex marriage is not (yet) legal. In order to get married, the state requires a marriage license. The baker could require an approved marriage license application be shown before ordering a wedding cake. Since gay marriage is not yet legal, the license would be only issued to hetero couples. No license, no cake.


Why can’t the homosexuals do what they’re always telling us to do? (If you don’t like it, don’t partake of it.) There are plenty of other places that will make your cake.

If someone refused service to me because of something about me they didn’t like, fine. I’d be annoyed, but I’d spread the word, and I would take my business elsewhere. Simple as that.

In today’s marketplace, you can take your business elsewhere.

Anyway, wouldn’t they worry that he’d spit in their cake, if he’s forced to make it? Ridiculous.


Well I know one thing, I’m not eating anything made by someone forced to make it.

I prefer my own spit thank you very much.


So same-sex marriage is not recognized in Colorado, but a Colorado judge ruled that this bakery (in Colorado) discriminated against a same-sex couple in Colorado based on the fact that they wanted a same-sex wedding cake. So are the politicians discriminating against same-sex couples by not recognizing same-sex marriages?


I disagree with the baker’s choice not to bake the cake. If it were me I would just see it as a business transaction. I wouldn’t feel it violated my Christian Faith. However, he isn’t me. In a nation founded on freedom of religion he should be able to refuse to bake the cake based on his religious beliefs. In fact, in a nation founded on freedom, period, he should be able to refuse to bake the cake for any reason he can come up with.


How many of us have seen the sign at the entrance to a restaurant that says, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”? The owner of a business has the right to serve or not serve. It’s up to him. If he serves fewer people, he makes less money. It’s his decision. Just like it’s the decision of the public whether they patronize his shop or his competitor’s shop. We need to stop forcing people to our own way of thinking. Just leave people alone. Let them make their own choices. I’m so sick of people forcing others to do or say or think a certain way. He isn’t putting signs in his shop window with hateful messages toward anyone. He has his own standards, morals, views, whatever. They’re just as valid as anyone else’s. Why can’t they just leave him alone? I’m sure there are other bakeries that could have served this couple's needs just as well. This is obnoxious behavior. These people were not injured in any way at all.


I am a Christian. I know very well what the Bible says about homosexuality. I am also well aware of what the Bible says about adultery and fornication. There is NO distinction made as to the gender of the participants.

My question is this: Does this guy bake cakes for a man and a woman who have had premarital sex (i.e., fornicators)? Does this guy make cakes for heterosexuals who getting married a second time (i.e., adulterers)?

The unfortunate thing about Christianity is it doesn’t lend itself to specialized selection. One either buys the whole thing or nothing. There aren’t any brownie points for choosing one sin over another like a box of chocolates.

If gay marriage is legal in his state, then he must render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. Fornication is no longer outlawed in the U.S. Adultery is not illegal as well. People get married in these shameful states as well. Homosexuality is basically one of these sexual sins depending on whether one or both of the participants are married. Again the Bible makes no distinction as to gender.

For those who say homosexuality is somehow different or worse, they need to read their Bible closely. I know the term abomination is often used in conjunction with homosexuality. Adultery is also enumerated among the many abominations described in the Bible. Fornication is too hailed as an abomination under the term of sin or iniquity.

This man seems to be bringing his personal prejudice to this matter and not a true Christian point of view.


I’ll never understand the logic of people who go to court so they can force someone they don’t like to take their money.

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