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Once You Realize What's Allegedly Happening in the Bottom Left of This Video, It's Horrifying


"Very shaken up but ok."

(Source: YouTube)

Watch below and see if you can tell what's happening:

Did you catch it? How about if we freeze it and highlight it?

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

According to reports, what you just saw was a robbery caught on webcam as a gamer was broadcasting her session live on the Internet.

Gawker explains:

Nikki Elise, a.k.a Sajedene, was at home in Phoenix, Ariz., broadcasting herself playing the insanely popular real-time strategy game DOTA 2, when shouts broke out in the next room.

She jumped up to investigate, and the next thing the camera caught was a man entering her room with a gun.

The intruder stole Elise's own guns, her computer, and some other items before her teammates realized anything was wrong—they eventually found out from viewers in the live chat on Twitch.

In a more complete version of the incident, it shows the alleged suspect reentering with rifle cases, and eventually turning out the lights and seemingly disconnecting the computer:


So far no local media reports have surfaced about the incident, so we're going to stick with "alleged" incident (you never know if this sort of thing could be a PR stunt).

Still, the gaming website Kotaku is treating it as real and quotes a friend of the two people who were in the house at the time are "very shaken up but ok."

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