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You Are So...': TV Reporter Gets Major Shock During News Report



Image source: KTLA-TV

KTLA-TV reporter Christina Pascucci was in for big a surprise Sunday night when a man interrupted her in the middle of a news report, calling her "so f***ing hot."

Image source: KTLA-TV Reporter Christina Pascucci gets interrupted during news report (Image source: KTLA-TV

The bizarre interaction unfolded while Pascucci was covering gay pride celebrations in Los Angeles, California, according to Mediaite.

Ironically, she described how there were "no major disturbances" at the celebrations just before she experienced a major on-air disruption of her own.

"According to the sheriff's department, no major disturbances. Everything has gone pretty smoothly," she told viewers. "They say they've only had a few arrests related to people who were drinking too much."

At that very moment a man stormed in front of the camera, telling Pascucci, "You are so f***ing hot."

The stunned reporter said "Whoa!" and subsequently apologized, moving away from the man.

Watch it unfold below (caution: strong language):

(H/T: Mediaite)

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