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'F**king Disgusting Meatheads': The Latest Celebrity Getting Heat Over Hunting — But Who's Battling Right Back


"Don't understand individuals who pose with a dead human or animals. I don't enjoy other creature's suffering."

Image source: Facebook

Yet another celebrity is getting heat over the love of hunting.

Last week it was James Hetfield, frontman for hard rockers Metallica. This time it's Joe Rogan, a longtime standup comic and former "Fear Factor" host and martial arts champion.

It started when he let it be known during his "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast on June 8 that he killed a black bear with a bow and arrow while in Canada. His podcast cohost was bowhunter Cameron Hanes — who also happened to be Rogan's hunting buddy.

Hanes posted this photo to his Facebook page...

Image source: Facebook Rogan (left) with Hanes. (Image source: Facebook)

...along with the following caption:

"Joe Rogan becomes a bowhunter. Last night, on a memorable bear hunting evening in Alberta, Joe made a perfect shot on this beast. We were hunting from the ground eye-to-eye with the bears when this mature boar offered Joe a shot. As John Rivet captured all the action on film, after months and months of practicing with his Hoyt, preparation finally met opportunity and with adrenaline surging, Joe made the most of it. The boar went 40 yards tops and was down in seconds. Fire up the grill, we are eating bear tonight!"

Rogan added an Instagram photo with the caption, "Anyone that tells you bear meat isn't delicious doesn't know what the f**k they're talking about":

Image source: Instagram Image source: Instagram

Well, as you can imagine, that didn't sit well with some folks. (Content warning: Some rough language ahead...)

Redacted (Source: twitter.com/greeneyedsouls) Redacted (Source: twitter.com/greeneyedsouls)

One comment under Hanes' photo read, "Can't look at this photo. Don't understand individuals who pose with a dead human or animals. I don't enjoy other creature's suffering."

Others included "total waste" and "poor bear" and "f**king disgusting meatheads."

Rogan isn't one to take things lying down and posted a series of tweets in defense of his kill, noting in particular that he eats the animals he hunts:

(H/T: The Daily Dot)

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