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Reproachable, Disgusting': TV Star Reveals Her Experience on Seven MTV Shows


"...people would beat the crap out of each other."

MTV star Susie Meister recently made headlines when she came forward and shared her wild and disturbing behind-the-scenes experiences as a cast member on two seasons of "Road Rules" and five seasons of "The Challenge."

Meister, 34, dug even deeper on reality TV culture with this author and TheBlaze TV’s Raj Nair for an episode of our “Freefall” podcast, claiming that being on MTV shows was like living in "opposite world where they value all the wrong things."

In addition to detailing the excitement TV fame offered, she also spoke of the emptiness that came along with it -- and offered a lens into the manipulated environments that can oft-times bring out the worst in people.

"I have had periods of time where I was very resentful about it, mostly because it’s the type of … fame in which you get all of the bad stuff and none of the good stuff," Meister said. "You’re just sort of well-known and not for being on something special or having a talent … it did feel empty."

Listen to the interview below:

Meister, who started appearing on MTV in 1998, said she saw the devolving of reality shows as they became increasingly more scandalous during her 15 years on the small screen.

"I noticed things becoming different and the experiences were more extreme -- and the people were doing more reproachable, disgusting things," she said.

Meister added that the cast was often bored and with unlimited alcohol on tap pandemonium would sometimes unfold.

"[You'd be] waiting for something to entertain you and often that would be drunken behavior or physical fighting when people would beat the crap out of each other," she said.

Read TheBlaze's previous interview with Meister here.


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