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Man Lops Off Jesus Statue's Head With a Sledgehammer — and Says His Motivation Can Be Found Right in the Bible


"I think I used a sledgehammer..."

Image source: WCSC

A man who allegedly used a sledgehammer to chop off the head of a 6-foot Jesus statue outside of a South Carolina church told police that he was merely making a Bible-based religious statement.

Charles Jeffrey Short, 38, reportedly lopped of the head of the statue, which stood for two decades unscathed outside Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

He told police that his act was based on the Ten Commandments, which he said bans the public display of statues intended to represent people.

Image source: WCSC Image source: WCSC

Witnesses apparently told police they saw a man hammer off the statue's head around 5:45 a.m. Sunday morning. And when an officer caught up with Short near the church, he apparently wasted no time admitting to the crime.

"I think I used a sledgehammer to strike that statue about six or seven times, because the first or second commandment states to not make an image of a male or female to be on display to the public," Short reportedly said.

His arrest came just two days after two heads were chopped off of a separate marble statue depicting Jesus and a child, though it is unclear whether he was also involved in that act of vandalism, according to the Post and Courier.

Image source: WCSC Image source: WCSC

As of Monday, the suspect was being held on $2,130 bail on the charge of malicious injury to real property. Police continue to investigate.

(H/T: Christian Post)

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