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Caught on Video: Guys Learn That Attempting to Move an 11-Foot Alligator May Result in 80 Stitches


"God was watching over me."

A man in Sulphur, Louisiana, required 80 stitches after he and his friends thought it would be a good idea to attempt to move an 11-foot alligator that was blocking a roadway.

Glen Bonin thought they had a pretty good plan. They took their shirts off and threw them on the alligator’s face and planned to just jump on the reptile and move it out of the road.

Instead, the alligator spun around and clamped its teeth onto Bonin’s hand.

"It felt like someone was pulling my arm out. I thought I was about to lose something. It felt like it lasted forever. When it happened it was a split second, but it really wasn't. It felt like it lasted a long time,” Bonin told KPLC-TV.

Even though he required 80 stitches in the end, Bonin says he was “definitely fortunate” and “God was watching over me.”

Watch the video here:

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