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Glenn Beck Asks President Obama's Supporters to Answer These Questions
Glenn Beck (TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck Asks President Obama's Supporters to Answer These Questions

"We can stand together."

Glenn Beck has increasingly spoken about the importance of Americans from both sides of the aisle uniting on common values and principles. But Beck said on his radio program Friday that Americans can only come together if they are "honest brokers," and are willing to look at the issues without the lens of politics.

Beck began by playing a clip of MSNBC's Ed Schultz insulting conservatives for not applauding President Obama for making the "right call" in Libya, Egypt and Syria.

"It was the right call in Libya?" Beck asked. "Libya is a mess! Egypt has been in chaos since the president egged the Arab Spring on. Syria, how has that been good? Hundreds of thousands are dead. It is a bloody civil war, no sign of it getting better."

Beck said that while he was a strong supporter of President Bush after 9/11, issues like Medicare Part D, "out-of-control" spending and illegal immigration had him calling for Bush's impeachment by the end of his second term. Beck said there are many that will never abandon the framework of Republican vs. Democrat, but pleaded with Americans to look at the issues of the past five years with fresh eyes, as he eventually did with Bush.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program April 29, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program April 29, 2014. (File photo: TheBlaze TV)

"Anybody that was a supporter of [President Obama], could I just ask you to think about the IRS scandal?" Beck asked. "The lobbyists? The price of food, electricity and gas? Fast and Furious? The 60,000 that are now on our border?" The VA scandal? The Benghazi situation? ... The American deserter, possibly the American traitor, that was swapped for five nasty, murderous terrorists?"

Beck said he has been "blown away" by the media's response to his recent admission that liberals were right on the Iraq war, and he is willing to stand with them today against sending more troops in.

"All along, I have tried to be honest," Beck said. "All along, I have led with my mistakes. I have admitted in the past, I was too divisive. I have admitted in the past, I am still a work in progress. I still am."

He said "we can't have a conversation" until we can say, "OK, my side did these things wrong."

"Those people who are just starting to question just a little bit ... please don't take my word for it," Beck added. "I don't ask you for your trust. Look these things up. Just look them up. Do your own homework. Do what we did with George W. Bush. You said these things to us, and we looked them up."

"We can stand together," Beck concluded. "We are on the same page. We don't want giant government telling us how to live. The things we have in common are the principles and the values that we have always held dear. Let's make America's future far greater than our past."

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