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What Michelle Wie Did After Winning the U.S. Open Has One of Her Friends Apparently Deleting the Evidence


"So.....this happened last night...."


Michelle Wie took full advantage of her first women's U.S. Open win on Sunday night. But how she took advantage apparently led at least one of her friends to delete some pictures and video.

How did the 24-year-old Wie celebrate? By drinking out of her trophy and twerking on a wall, of course.

She posted one of the pictures on her Instagram with the caption, "So.....this happened last night….":

And while that one is still currently up on Wie's account,  photos and videos of the night's festivities are disappearing from another one.

For example, here's an Instagram video showing Wie imbibing and twerking that is now gone from Instagram:

Bleacher Report hat tips a user named luckyjp on its story, and his account seems to be where others such as Deadspin have noticed things missing from. Wie also retweeted an Instagram picture from a band called The Green that identifies "luckyjp" as one of the ones drinking from the cup (he's also listed on the band's site as JP and his bio links to the "luckyjp" Instagram account):

(Source: Twitter) (Source: Twitter)

Still, Wie seems to be having fun with it. She retweeted a Golf Digest tweet that showed the picture of her drinking out of the trophy.

You can see more of the disappearing pictures over at Deadspin, but we should give you a CONTENT WARNING first.

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