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Shep Smith Calls Out State Dept. Official on the Air: ‘You Can Smile About It All You Want’


"Because that’s the biggest fear, that’s exactly what the fear is..."

Fox News host Shepard Smith called out State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf on Tuesday after she smiled and dismissed his point about Americans’ “fear” that things could escalate in Iraq and U.S. troops could get dragged back into combat.

“Did you just say special operators are on the ground to attack ISIL? Because that’s the biggest fear, that’s exactly what the fear is — that these special operators, these ‘advisers’ are going to turn out to be advisers just like they were in Vietnam,” Smith said.

Harf responded with a dismissive smile, clearly frustrating the host.

“Well, you can smile about it all you want,” Smith shot back. “But that’s the fear. You’re the one that said they are ready to fight ISIL, I hope that’s not the case.”

“I said they know how to fight terrorists like ISIL better than anyone, and that’s what they’ll be advising and assisting the Iraqis to do themselves,” Harf clarified.

Watch the briefly tense exchange here:

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