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Watch a Trio of Democrats Tell CNN That They Voted for Thad Cochran in the Republican Primary


• "So, why do you like Thad Cochran so much?"• McDaniel: Refuses to concede

(Source: CNN video screen shot)

The mystery in the run-up to the Senate election in Mississippi between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel was whether or not Cochran would and could get Democrats to vote for him in the Republican primary. CNN found some anecdotal evidence that suggests he was successful.

In a piece by correspondent Dana Bash, a trio of self-identified Democrats admitted to the station that they voted for Cochran in the primary.

In their own words:

If you're wondering if such a thing is illegal, TheBlaze's Zach Noble explained earlier this week that it isn't. But there is a caveat:

In Mississippi, any resident can vote in a party’s primary (a registered Democrat, for example, can vote in the Republican primary). But some observers have noted that it could be illegal for Democrats to vote in the Republican primary — or more precisely, Mississippi state law prohibits voters from participating in a party’s primary if they don’t intend to support that party’s candidates in the general election.

As Slate reported, legal decisions have rendered that rule effectively unenforceable.

As for McDaniel, he has refused to concede the race even after it was called for Cochran.

Watch our extended discussion on this story from today's BlazeCast:

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