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Which Is Weirder: How He Stole a Cell Phone, or What He Was Wearing When He Allegedly Did It?


Patrons at a San Diego Denny's probably wondered if they were having a fever dream when this strange incident took place.

On Friday, a man stormed into a North Park Denny's and demanded to see surveillance video, saying he had lost his phone in the restaurant earlier in the week, KFMB-TV reported.

The man was wearing a black ruffled skirt and a leopard-print bikini at the time of the incident, police said.

When a manager refused to show him the video, the man apparently flew off the handle.

Witnesses said the man began arguing with a female patron and hit her in the head with a serving skillet, to which affront she responded by dousing him with coffee.

The man threw mugs, glasses and utensils around the restaurant before snatching another customer's cell phone, hopping in his green Volkswagen Beetle and driving away as mysteriously as he had arrived.

Two customers hit by flying utensils were treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, police said.

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