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This Family-Run Restaurant Is the Opposite of a Gun-Free Zone – Wait Until You Read the Sign That’s Posted


"We called it Shooters and started throwing guns and Jesus all over the place."

Image via Facebook

Would you complain about your meal if the waitress serving the food was packing heat?

That's exactly what you'll find at Shooters Grill, the aptly named restaurant located in the town of Rifle, Colorado.

Image: Facebook Shooters Grill owner Lauren Boebert and her husband Jayson. (Image via Facebook)

The family-run, American-style diner features wait staff who exercise their open-carry rights and invites customers to do the same.

Owner Lauren Boebert told TheBlaze that she didn't necessarily set out to open a Second Amendment haven in Rifle. She's just "always carried," so three days after they opened, she started carrying on the job. Within days, other staff asked if they could do the same.

Boebert said, "Of course."

Not long after, customers took notice. She said she arrived one day and found a homemade sign taped to the restaurant's window that said, "guns are welcome on premises." Boebert ultimately replaced the homemade sign with a printed one.

She still doesn't know who taped the original sign to her window, but "he did me a favor."

Image: Facebook Image via Facebook

Now in its second year, the 55-seat restaurant employs 16 people and is looking to hire, posting about job openings on Facebook.

Boebert told the Post Independent that her friends initially cautioned against the name "Shooters" because it "sounded like a bar or strip joint." Shooters Grill is neither: The restaurant doesn't serve alcohol, and the walls also sport reminders of the Boeberts' Christian faith.

"We called it Shooters and started throwing guns and Jesus all over the place,” she said.

Image via Facebook Image via Facebook

Image: Facebook Image via Facebook

Boebert said the decision to open the restaurant was a "leap of faith," a backup plan in case her husband Jayson's work in the oilfields hit a rough patch.

The couple spotted an empty space in the town where she had lived for 14 years and signed a lease within a few days. They got to work, opening in May 2013.

"I give all the glory to God, " she said.

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