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After They Stopped This Woman at Gunpoint, Police Say She Gave Them an Excuse They'd Never Heard Before


"That was the first time I'd heard anything like that."

She was only going 5 or 10 miles per hour over the speed limit when the squad car pulled out behind her, but as dash cam video shows, she quickly sped up.

The reason why surprised the cops.

Police say Luz Avilla was drunk, but she didn't say she was trying to outrun a DUI charge: She said she didn't stop because she wanted to go to jail in the next county over.

Avilla, 34, was eventually pulled over and arrested, but not before reaching speeds close to 100 mph on Saturday, police told Oklahoma City's KWTV-TV.

"Apparently the driver did not want to go to jail in Grady County," Chickasha, Oklahoma, police Lt. Shannon McClain told the station. "She wanted to go to jail in Caddo County was her explanation as to why she did not pull over."

McClain confirmed to TheBlaze, "That was the first time I'd heard anything like that."

Luz Avilla. (Image source: screengrab via Luz Avilla (Image source: KWTV-TV)

Avilla didn't make it across the county line.

McClain said she finally pulled over 3 miles outside of Chickasha, where officers removed her and several other individuals, all allegedly drunk, from the vehicle at gunpoint.

Avilla is facing multiple charges, including DUI and eluding police.

Despite her prison preference, McClain said Avilla was jailed in Grady County.

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