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Is Hillary the Dems' Inevitable 2016 Nominee? Not According to This MSNBC Segment


"He knows how to mess with the Clintons' heads and he understands the media."

Image: MSNBC.com

Could Al Gore be lurking the shadows, waiting to spoil Hillary Clinton's hopes to be the Democratic Party's 2016 presidential nominee?

That's the possibility that was floated Thursday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Image: via MSNBC.com Image source: MSNBC

Time magazine political analyst Mark Halperin said he could see the former vice president as someone who could give Clinton a serious challenge for the nomination, should he choose to run.

Halperin first floated the idea Wednesday in a series of Twitter posts.

He tweeted that the person he was thinking of had "as much nat'l campaign experience as anyone alive, a potent $ network, ties to Silicon Valley & Hollywood, & could self fund a bit." Adding, "He knows how to mess with the Clintons’ heads & he understands the media."

Halperin continued, "Plus, he’s unbound, unplugged & won the national popular vote." After that, he revealed his pick.

Halperin expanded on his idea on "Morning Joe" Thursday, saying Gore has "a better chance of beating [Clinton] in a primary today, than any Republican does of beating her in a general election."

NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd speculated that Gore could run as a third party candidate, and also offered California Gov. Jerry Brown's name as another potential 2016 candidate. Other possibles mentioned were Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean.

Watch the entire segment:


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