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Suicide Took My Wife, It Will Not Take My Children

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Reports suggest that 1 in 4 Americans suffer from stress and anxiety or some form of mental illness. Nowdoctors and scientists from major hospitals and universities, including Harvard, are calling this natural remedy a major breakthrough in the treatment of mental health.

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Here is the story of the desperate father who discovered it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 7.14.50 PM Tony Stephen, founder of a broad-spectrum mood disorder supplement that has no side effects, is heralded as a breakthrough in mental health.

In 1978 my wife, Debbie, lost her father to suicide. Sixteen years later, she also succumbed to the same fate.

Debbie had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. A couple weeks after starting on anti-depressants, she simply ended it. Unfortunately, no one had told us that suicide is a side effect of these drugs. The pain was unbearable.

It got worse. My son Joseph, 15 years old, and his older sister Autumn were diagnosed with the same illness. Joseph was getting more violent and dangerous. My daughter Autumn was constantly in and out of the psychiatric ward. Drugs didn’t work, she was on five psychiatric meds and was out of control; Suicidal one minute, explosive the next.

We sought assistance from a noted psychiatrist, and she told me something that a father never wants to hear about his son: “Mr. Stephan, he’s not going to get better.”

Can Pig’s Feed Be The Answer?

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 7.18.46 PM Pigs face an aggressive condition called Ear-and-Tail-Biting Syndrome which goes away with proper nutrition supplements.

One day a friend from work, who had spent 20 years in agriculture, said that he didn't understand mental conditions, but he noticed highly unusual behavior in hogs. “We see hogs with this disorder called ear-and-tail-biting syndrome. Hogs become aggressive and hyper-irritable.” As he was telling me this, my thoughts returned to Joseph and his violent rages. He continued, “We learned from the scientific literature that you can eliminate the disorder with good nutrition.”

In that instant I had an epiphany. I knew that God had just given me the answer– nutrition!


Almost two years to the day after my wife had committed suicide, we started loading micronutrients into Joseph. Within thirty days, my son no longer exhibited any symptoms whatsoever of bipolar disorder. It was gone!

In the same way, after Autumn had taken the micronutrients for a few days she became calm and experienced dramatically fewer mood swings. She was able to care for herself and her young son. Within 45 days she was clear of all of her five medications.

It has been over 18 years that both Autumn and Joseph have been well.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 7.19.29 PM Autumn Stringam, cured of bipolar and off all anti-depressant medicines for 18 years.


Tony did not intend to do anything beyond help his own family with the micronutrients.

More and more people wanted to try our multinutrients, and fortunately they experienced the same results as my children. This was the start of EMPowerplus Q96.

Tony has helped more than 100,000 people in the US, Canada, and over 100 countries.

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Scientific Studies

Doctors and scientists have called Tony’s micronutrient formula an astonishing breakthrough in mental health. With no side effects and effective for everything from stress and anxiety, ADHD, Autism, OCD, Depression and Bipolar, this product is desperately needed by so many who suffer in our stressful society.

What is impressive, especially for those for whom anecdotal evidence is never enough, is the number of independent scientific studies that verify that EmPowerplus Q96 can make a significant difference in mental health.

Forty medical journals on 25 studies have found the positive impact of these micronutrients. An estimated $31 million in independent research has been done on this product.

Dr. Charles Popper, a child and adolescent psychiatrist with Harvard Medical School suggests that we might end up redefining how we think of mental illness.

Tony says, “We are on a journey of love, mercy and compassion. We are restoring people to who they truly are and not what their brain chemistry has made them.

Now they can have their life back. That is my true hope. Try it now.

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