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Major Hollywood Director Wonders Why Men 'Get to Vote on Women’s Reproductive Health Issues\


"Why is a woman's reproductive system 0% their boss' business yet 100% their financial responsibility?"

Hollywood movie director Joss Whedon posed some controversial questions on his Twitter account Sunday, asking why "men get to vote on women's reproductive health issues" and likening the dynamic to "rabbis electing a pope."

Whedon, who directed "The Avengers," among other films, didn't provide context, though his questions come in the wake of the controversial Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling barring the government from forcing small companies with religious objections to offer birth control coverage.

"Why do men get to vote on women's reproductive health issues AT ALL?," Whedon tweeted from his official account. "Isn't that like rabbis electing a pope?"

Reactions to his rhetorical questions were diverse. Some of his followers supported him, with one women even asking him to become "president of the world." Here are some of the favorable responses:

And here are some detractors and others who seem less than enthusiastic about the comparison Whedon made:

You can read all of the responses here. What do you think?

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