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Try Not to Laugh Out Loud When Resident of One of Most Liberal States Explains How She'd Fight the War on Terror


Oh, dear...

(Fox News)

Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters traveled to Vermont, one of the most liberal states in the U.S., in order to get a better sense of why the state leans so far to the left.

While there were plenty of entertaining answers, including one gentleman who suggested the United States may have been behind 9/11, one female respondent’s strategy for fighting terrorists was priceless.

(Fox News) (Fox News)

“How would you fight the war on terror?” Watters asked.

“Let’s be friends, let’s work together,” she replied.

“You want to be friends with al Qaeda?” Watters said.

“I want the entire world to know that we are all connected,” the woman added.

When asked if he “believed” Osama bin Laden when he claimed credit for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the truther guy argued “people can be paid to say just about anything.” That was after, of course, he said it was likely another foreign country or the United States behind the deadly World Trade Center attacks.

He also revealed that he doesn’t believe in money.

Watch the entire segment via “The O’Reilly Factor:”

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