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A Stranger Knocked on Her Door and, Without Saying a Word, Handed Her a Life-Changing Envelope That Made Her 'Collapse


"I just started crying."

Screengrab via CTV Ottawa

To put it bluntly, she is dying.

Suffering from systemic scleroderma, a critical autoimmune disease that is causing her skin, arteries, veins, and internal organs to harden, 48-year-old single mother Stephanie Headley, of Ottawa, Canada, is still in dire need of very expensive, potentially life-saving treatment. Her condition has been deteriorating over the last few years.

Miraculously, she learned earlier this month that she would be able to pay for the treatment.

Screengrab via CTV Ottawa Screengrab via CTV Ottawa

On July 3, she received a knock on her door that would change her life. She answered the door to find a complete stranger wearing a hat, sunglasses and a jacket zipped up all the way. He did not say hello and he did not introduce himself.

Instead, he handed Headley an envelope without saying a single word.

“God bless you,” Headley said as the mysterious man turned to leave. He looked back and flashed a “big smile” and then left, the mother told CTV Ottawa.

When she opened up the envelope to see what was inside, she “just started crying.”

It was a check for $128,000 in Canadian dollars, about $119,000 in U.S. dollars. The stem cell therapy she needs from a Chicago hospital costs about $125,000. The hospital has apparently had some success with other patients with the same type of illness.

Screengrab via CTV Ottawa Screengrab via CTV Ottawa

“I dropped to the floor, and I dropped my (oxygen) tank and I just collapsed,” she said.

“This is my mom’s life on a piece of paper,” Headley’s daughter, Skylar, said of the check after she managed to stop crying herself.

Headley reportedly has a September 22 appointment to begin the stem cell therapy that could very well save her life.

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