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Duck Dynasty' Star Reveals What Could Be at the Heart of Attacks Against Her Family and Refuses to Back Down: 'We're Not Going to Be Bullied


"But we’re not going to be quiet..."

Jase and Missy Robertson (Image via Twitter @MissyDuckWife)

"Duck Dynasty" star Missy Robertson believes that "spiritual warfare" plays a role in some of the attacks and frustrations aimed at her family, telling CNS News that, despite contentions over their biblical views, the Robertsons don't plan to be quiet — and they're "not going to be bullied."

Jase and Missy Robertson (Image via Twitter @MissyDuckWife) Jase and Missy Robertson (Image via Twitter @MissyDuckWife)

When asked by the outlet if spiritual warfare and the Christian and pro-American beliefs held by the family account for some of the attacks they've received, Robertson, wife of Jase Robertson, said "definitely."

"A lot of people want to keep us quiet, you know, they don’t want that," she said. "But we’re not going to be quiet. We just can’t. We’re not going to be bullied, basically."

She also spoke about patriarch Phil Robertson's infamous GQ interview in which he decried homosexuality, noting that rather than merely giving his own opinion, he was recounting scripture — something she said critics didn't realize at the time.

Missy Robertson went on say that it's important to show nonbelievers Jesus "through love and not judgment and criticism."

"So, I think a lot of people, because they see us Christian, there is spiritual warfare out there. Not everyone is Christian. We know that," she added. "But we, hopefully, are trying to show Jesus through love and not judgment and criticism. We don’t want to be looked at that way."

Watch her comments below:

(H/T: CNS News)

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