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Michelle Malkin Breaks Down Why She Thinks Those in Power Are 'So Afraid' of Having Common Core Repealed

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Author and political commentator Michelle Malkin on Monday said those in power are "so afraid" of Americans coming together in the fight to repeal Common Core, a controversial set of educational standards that some say will gravely impact the future of America's children.

Speaking on Glenn Beck's radio program, Malkin said Americans have been able to "transcend political and ideological lines" and empower themselves with the facts on the issue.

Michelle Malkin ripped The Salt Lake Tribune for running a dishonest write-up about Glenn Beck's museum event. (Image source: Michelle Malkin/Twitter @michellemalkin) Image source: Michelle Malkin/Twitter @michellemalkin

"What could be more threatening to the people in power than that?" Malkin asked.

The two were speaking ahead of Glenn Beck's We Will Not Conform event on Tuesday.

"If you are anybody -- left, right, middle, doesn't matter. If you are concerned about education, you are concerned about our children and Common Core, tomorrow night is something like you never experienced before," Beck described the event. "It will mark the beginning of the end for Common Core. It's in select movie theaters nationwide. It is a live event tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. ET. You don't want to miss it."

Beck said the event is for people who already have a basic understanding of Common Core, and it is meant to help them "network with people all over the country, see where it's working, where it's not, what [others] are doing, and help shape a national movement."

Malkin, who will be participating in the event, said she believes it will be "providential."

"What you've committed yourself to doing is acting as an unprecedented catalyst to ensure that progress does not backslide," she remarked.

Malkin said that often, as the public grows increasingly opposed to an educational initiative, the name and face of it will change, but the substance will not.

"We have seen it from Outcome-Based Education, School-to-Work, No Child Left Behind," Malkin said. "It always has a brand new name, brand new faces to front it, even though it is the same old radicals and elites behind it all the time. And I think what ... we are doing and what we will continue to do, is make sure there's some sort of continuity and sustenance in the movement."

Malkin said that oftentimes, parents are incredibly engaged in educational issues when their children are in school. But once they graduate and they feel the kids are safe, "they tune out."

"Then all the of the institutional and movement and grassroots knowledge they have built up just gets warehoused," Malkin said. "This is a way to make sure the movement continues to have living and breathing sustenance."

You can watch the complete interview below.

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