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What Happened When One BBC Arabic Reporter Tried to Do a Live Shot in Southern Israel



A reporter for the BBC’s Arabic television service was knocked off the air, literally, by an Israeli bystander as he was filing a live report Tuesday in southern Israel.

Correspondent Feras Khatib, wearing a "press" flack jacket, was speaking on-air with the anchor back in London when a man ran over and shoved him out of the frame.

A second man also wearing a “press” flak jacket – presumably a crew member — wrestled the angry Israeli away.

Emotions have been running high in southern Israeli after more than 2,160 rockets have been fired by Hamas from Gaza.

A remarkably composed Khatib continued with his report after the interruption.

While the BBC said he was reporting from the area of Ashkelon in southern Israel, the Arabic graphic noting his location said “Tel Aviv.”

"While reporting live from inside the Israeli city of Ashkelon this morning BBC Arabic reporter Feras Khatib was manhandled by an angry Israeli," the BBC said in a statement. "Feras was un-harmed and will continue reporting as normal."

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