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‘Everyone Turned Into Animals’: USPS Worker Goes ‘Postal’ in Beauty Salon After Ironic Inconvenience Set Her Off


"She looked possessed."

Exterior of the Century 27 salon. (Image source: Google Maps)

She was in a rush — and let them know it.

Rachel Meyers, a walk-in client at the Century 27 Beauty Salon in New York City, told the staff she was on a break from work and crunched for time.

Meyers' job was obvious: She was wearing a United States Postal Service uniform.

But what should have been a 1 hour-plus “set and wet” after removing a weave erupted into pandemonium in just 30 minutes, with Meyers yelling at staff and throwing objects in the salon.

Exterior of the Century 27 salon. (Image source: Google Maps) Exterior of the Century 27 salon. (Image source: Google Maps)

And what set off this postal worker?

Alleged slow service.

“We all tried to make her feel comfortable, but she started shouting,” salon manager Favi Ramirez told the New York Daily News regarding Friday's incident, in which an untangling process reportedly took too long for Meyers.

Then things escalated.

“She switched. She went postal,” Ramirez told the Daily News, adding that Meyers, 26, threw multiple objects across the room at staffers and "was aiming for their head. She looked possessed."

In the melee Meyers' aim was not too true: She hit two other clients, one of whom allegedly wound up with a gashed knee after Meyers heaved a heavy, metal box with sharp edges that held curling rods, according to DNAinfo New York. She also chucked a heavy hot comb across the room, the Daily News said.

Ramirez’s fiance tried to intervene and restore order, but Meyers allegedly snapped: “I’m a grown-ass woman," the Daily News reported her saying. "Don’t tell me what to say.”

It just so happens that one of the clients Meyers nailed is related to a cop and started to call the police.

With that Meyers ran out of the salon, allegedly kicking at the door because it wouldn't open right away, and Ramirez’s fiance ran down the street after her.

“Everything turned into a ruckus. Everyone turned into animals,” Ramirez told the Daily News, adding she found what may have been Meyers' abandoned mail cart outside the salon door.

Police nabbed Meyers near the scene of the crime, her hair described as "still wet but puffed like an afro," the Daily News reported.

Meyers was charged with two counts of third-degree assault, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and second-degree harassment. The charges, all misdemeanors, carry a possible sentence of up to a year in jail, DNAinfo reported. Meyers was released without bail with an arraignment set for Saturday, the Daily News noted, citing court records.

The USPS did not immediately return DNAinfo's request for comment, but the Daily News reported reaching her cell phone with Meyers issuing a terse statement: "I have nothing to say. Thank you. Have a nice day.”

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