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The great ice cream sandwich experiment

(Source: Blaze TV screen shot)

This story is a travesty. It's a sham. And it's a mockery. It's a traveshamockery.

As TheBlaze points out, there are problems with WCPO’s “experiment” involving the story of mom who found her son's ice cream sandwich wouldn't melt. But the most glaring is that they disregard the fact that Christie Watson found the original sandwich after it was left overnight in the cool 60-degree Cincinnati breeze.

Should the ice cream sandwich have melted anyway in that temperature? Sure, but WCPO should have been consistent. They conducted their recreation in the scorching sun for 30 minutes. We decided to do our own flawed ice cream sandwich experiment on the radio show today. For science, of course. See what happened:

[mlbvideo content_id=34791359]

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