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This Is What a Canadian SWAT Team Storming an Airplane Looks Like


"Heads down, hands up!"

Image source: screengrab via CNN

Canada may be the butt of many jokes about how nice its citizens are, but one group of Canadians captured on camera Friday showed a tougher side of the Great White North.

That group: a Canadian SWAT team.

After a passenger aboard a Panama-bound Sunwing flight allegedly made a bomb threat, the plane turned around and headed back to Toronto's Pearson International Airport, CNN reported.

American fighter jets escorted the plane, which was over the U.S. when it turned around 45 minutes into its flight, CNN reported, and when the plane touched down in Toronto, the SWAT team was ready and waiting.

Image source: screengrab via CNN Image source: screengrab via CNN

A passenger took cell phone video footage as the team stormed aboard the plane, yelling, "Heads down, hands up!"

The passenger making threats, identified by authorities as 25-year-old Ali Shahi, is a Canadian citizen, CNN reported, and was taken into custody.

According to CNN, no one on the flight was injured and the man who made threats, Shahi, has a history of mental illness.

Shahi faces four criminal charges, including endangering the safety of an aircraft, CNN reported.

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