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GOP Leader Wriggles: 'Will You Consider Impeaching the President?


“The White House will do anything they can to change the topic..."

It was a simple question, but the GOP honcho wouldn't give a straight answer.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a Louisiana Republican, spoke with Fox News' Chris Wallace on Sunday, and the talk quickly turned to President Barack Obama's threat of executive action on the border crisis and how Republicans in Congress would respond.

Wallace asked him point-blank: "Will you consider impeaching the president?"

“This might be the first White House in history that’s trying to start the narrative of impeaching their own president," Scalise answered indirectly. “We’ve made it clear we’re going to put options on the table to allow the House to take legal action against the president when he overreaches his authority. More than a dozen times the Supreme Court unanimously... said the president overreached.”

“But impeachment is off the table?” Wallace asked.

"Well the White House wants to talk about impeachment," Scalise dodged.

“I’m asking you, sir,” Wallace shot back.

But a straight answer was not forthcoming.

“The White House will do anything they can to change the topic away from the president’s failed agenda,” Scalise said. “We’re going to continue focusing on solving problems for everyday people."

(H/T: Mediaite)

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