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How Does This Make It Past Marketing?': Movie Poster's Unfortunate Connection to 9/11 Horror


A new poster for the forthcoming "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie shares a shockingly obvious and unfortunate connection to the horrific images of burning towers in New York City on 9/11.

The new Michael Bay-produced film — based on the popular '80s and '90s franchise of the same name — is set for a Sept. 11 release in Australia. Paramount Pictures created this movie poster, which shows the turtles hurtling away from a burning building, above the date "September 11":

tmnt-560 Image source: The Verge

The new promotional image was published to Paramount's Twitter and Facebook streams Tuesday, according to the Verge. It was quickly retracted after users reacted angrily to the combination of the release date and the four turtles jumping out of the exploding skyscraper.

To sum up the public's reaction on Twitter, if this was a legit marketing decision, it was a complete failure -- or an insensitive but genius ploy.

Others called the reaction over the top and said people were being too sensitive, or theorized the poster might be a fake (the U.S. release date is August 8).

What do you think?

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